The Graduate School of Engineering for Chemistry, Biology and Physics in Bordeaux (ENSCBP) is publishing its annual call for applications for the Joussot-Dubien award.

They are seeking candidates with an excellent curriculum and who are currently studying Chemistry or Food Science in a country other than France. The award of €10,000 should help them to cover their living costs during one year of studies at ENSCBP. The candidate’s level of education should correspond to a bachelor degree or higher. They can enter our graduate school at the 4th or 5th year level of higher education.


  • Amount of the award : 10000 euros
  • Who can apply : Students currently studying outside of France and having already obtained a bachelor level in Chemistry (Physical-Chemistry, Materials Science, Polymers, Analytical Chemistry) or Food Science.
  • Deadline : 1 May 2013
  • Starting date of studies : September 2013
  • Place of studies : ENSCBP Bordeaux, France 

For more information, please consult this page.