You wish to prepare successfully to sit the European institutions' open competitions? Multiply your chances of success by 8 and prepare with the ENA recognised by EPSO as a training provider for France.
ENA skolan i Frankrike, högre studier

The European institutions' recruitment competitions represent the only possible way of obtaining European civil servant status.

Having acquired an extensive expertise in the field of training, the ENA offers:

  • Training in pre-selection tests: verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning and, in certain cases, situational judgment tests;
  • Preparation for tests conducted in assessment centres: written and oral tests
  • Methodology for dealing effectively with the tests;
  • Advice on how to revise and class correction in oder to optimise your preparation.

At the end of the training, you will have acquired:

  • A necessary methodology for completing the tests within the allocated time;
  • Tools to target your preparation more efficiently, thanks to a better understanding of the essence of the exercises as well as of the expectations of the selection board members.


Public: All candidates of the European institutions' open competitions.

Duration: ENA's training are short and intensive (3 days on average). Evening courses are also available.

Working languages: French and English. Stimultaneous interpretation can be provided.

Location: Training courses are mainly organised in Paris and Brussels. They can also be organised in all Member States as well as in candidates' countries.

For more information: ENA's website.