Det franska forskningsinstitutet Irstea erbjuder anställningskontrakt för doktorander under en period av tre år. Institutet söker kandidater på nivå Master (300 högskolepoäng, ECTS credits) eller motsvarande, vilka har för avsikt att påbörja doktorandstudier inom områden föreslagna under 2013

Irstea is a public scientific and technological research establishment (EPST) under the joint supervision of the French Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Agriculture. It employs 1,750 people, including 950 permanent members of staff and 250 PhD, 40 post-doctoral students, on 9 sites in France (Antony, Nogent-sur-Vernisson, Rennes, Lyon, Grenoble, Clermont-Ferrand, Bordeaux, Montpellier and Aix-en-Provence).
As a finalised research institute recognised in the field of inland waters, ecotechnology and territories, Irstrea has set itself three major scientific challenges driven by significant societal issues: environmental quality and the challenge of linking methods and technologies; the issue of water in spatial development and the challenge of multi-sector approaches; risk management and the challenge of viability.

The research topics for which Irstea will provide thesis funding in 2013 are as follows:

  •     Technological innovations for sustainable agriculture and the environment (INSPIRE)
  •     Structures, Processes, Flow, Energy (SPEE)
  •     Technology and procedures for water and waste (TED)
  •     Models, information systems and viable management of the environment (MOTIVE)
  •     Quality of aquatic systems and ecological regeneration (QUASARE)
  •     Biological and ecological responses to contamination of the aquatic environment: ecotoxicology and bioindication (BELCA)
  •     Hazards linked to the water cycle (ARCEAU)
  •     Risks associated with fast-moving gravitational phenomena, safety of hydraulic structures and vulnerability (RIVAGE)
  •     Management of water, its uses, services and their impacts (GEUSI)
  •     Information and display systems for integrated management of the environment (SYNERGIE)
  •     Land-based ecological systems: dynamics, vulnerability and engineering (SEDYVIN)
  •     Spatial Development and Multifunctional Agriculture (DTAM)

The PhD contracts offered by Irstea may be co-financed by a partner outside of Irstea (industrial partner, professional organisation, authority, research organisation, etc.).
PhD students have fixed-term contracts with Irstea giving them standard social protection. The contract term is three years. Monthly salary (January 2012) : €1,852 gross  (€1,510 net).
Applicants must have a Masters degree or equivalent qualification when the contract is signed.

The award procedure and the schedule are as follows :
Applicants are invited to log onto the Irstea website and submit their application on the portal for registration

  •     The registration portal is open from 25th March 2013 to 20th May 2013.
  •     Successful applications will be selected by the Intake Committee, chaired by the Deputy Director General for Research and Innovation, in June 2013.
  •     Applicants will be notified of decisions in July 2013.
  •     Contracts start, in principle, on 1st December 2013.