Internationell dagen för franska språket, Europahuset, 17 mars 2011
The international day for the french language (Francophonie) was celebrated in Sweden by the  award ceremony for the Francophonie contest 2011 as well as with a buffet offered by the ambassies of the countries members of the Francophonie organization.  
The award ceremony took place at Europahuset in front of the ambassadors.
The "10 words" Francophonie contest was launched in September 2010 by the Association of the teachers of french in Sweden, the Association of the teachers of modern languages in Sweden and the Franska Institutet targeting pupils, high school and university students.
The contest brought to light talented young swedish students. We will remember for example, the performance of the two young students from Franska Skolan (stockholm), Teodor Kulling and Alexandre Meregan.
Several countries were represented through their embassies: Switzerland, Canada, Libanon, Moldavia , Roumania, Marroco, Laos and France.
During the afternoon a quizz on the different countries was proposed to the students as well as a wor kshop about french rap.
The  French language is increasing since 2008 in Sweden and the interest for this kindof event is improving as well. Next year, the Francophonie contest will be associatedto the Languages Olympics which has a large audience in swedish schools.




Les lauréats de Franska Skolan





Son excellence l'Ambassadeur de France, Joël De Zorzi, et Monsieur Denis Viart, Conseiller de Coopération et d'Action culturelle