Angela spent a semester in Bordeaux at Sciences Po Bordeaux, from January to June 2010.

  • Experience & Knowledge
  • Interest
  • “Miniglobalization”
  • Homefeeling

These are the keywords that describe my period in France as an Erasmusstudent.

I came to Bordeaux in January 2010 together with my family. It took three whole days (!) to reach this lovely city by car from the south part of Sweden (Malmö). I fell in love with this city immiadetely. (The same goes for my family.) The architecture is adorable and the atmosphere was great, even if the weather wasn’t…

One week later I started visiting the interesting lectures at Sciences Po (International Relations etc).
At the same time I got an opportunity to keep up my knowledge with other exchangestudents when it comes to Swedish, Russian and English, meanwhile I was developping my French day in and day out…

International Office together with the mentororganisation “Erasmix” took a very good care of us, the Erasmuspeople. Our mentors were organizing activities, parties and were willing to help out with the courses.

In my opinion, this was a great experience abroad and a period we all are going to miss.
France is my second home now!

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