Master Erasmus Mundus in Chemistry 2012-2014

The International Master SERP-Chem is a two-year programme in Surface, Electro, Radiation, and Photo-Chemistry with elements of Management, Business, Innovation and Technology transfert, Communication and Patent law.

the Master SERP-Chem aims at training students in the most performing experimental and theoretical tools used and developed in chemistry, and to become the topmost researchers and managers in areas of great relevance such as :

  • Green chemistry
  • Nanomedicine
  • Industrial and medical use of radiations
  • Catalysis and industrial processes

A summer school aiming at developing the students entrepreneurial skills is part of the Master. Language and civilization classes will also take place. All the lectures are given in english.

Students will attend lectures in at least two different countries among France, Italy, Poland and Portugal.

Scholarship will be allocated.